My Pocket Therapist Journal


My Pocket Therapist Journal is packed with evidence-informed guided writing prompts and therapeutic strategies to grow towards a healthier mindset of exploration and healing.



The greatness person you are meant to become already exists. The goal is to discover them.

My Pocket Therapist Journal: Dating & Relationships


This journal is to facilitate healing and growth through reflections, guided writing prompts, and therapeutic exercises. Thus, continuing your journey towards a better version of yourself in or towards relationships.

To get to this point, this journal begins by asking the right questions about exploration, increasing self-awareness, and the gift of curiosity.

  • This 7-week journal features cultivated therapeutic techniques for increased intimacy, wellbeing, respect, and appreciation for yourself.
  • Whether you’re single, or with a long-term partner, this journal is designed to continue your journey in becoming more connected and aligned. 

So, are you ready? Let’s ask ourselves the right questions, and continue to grow through writing.