Dr. Vance inspires organizations to transform at the individual, group, and institutional levels. He works with organizations to build their capacity to live out their mission and values in ways that excite them.

Services Offered

WorkShops and Trainings

Dr. Vance offers workshops and training for staff and leadership on anti-racism strategies, LGBTQ topics, racial trauma, stress and burnout, and mental health for employees.


Have a meeting or group discussion but need an outside facilitator to step in and facilitate? Dr. Vance and his team are available to provide agenda planning, group rules, and meeting facilitation for groups working through diverse processes.

Personal & Professional Coaching

Coaching is not just for business executives. Dr. Vance and his team provide coaching at
all levels. They deliver coaching in managing across race, gender, and sexuality to rediscovering
what committed you to change the workspace in the first place. Our coaching focuses on
personal growth and development.

Public Speaking

Have an event and need someone to talk about race, gender/sexuality, mental health & Wellbeing, stress/burnout, education, or some combination of them all? Let's work together!

Dr. Vance's Approach:

Ecosystem Approach

Creating empowerment within an organization often requires observing,
creating reflection, and refining empowerment in systemic systems. Dr. Vance creates solution
focus strategies that engages all stakeholders across the organization.

Organizational Behavioral Change

Change in organization begins to happen when we address cultural issues within the systems and processes and sustain programs that foster individual
and collective behavior change. Dr. Vance solutions are evidence-informed that incorporates psychology strategies to empower lasting change.

Belongingness for All

Organizations thrive when people feel heard, seen, and valued in the diverse world we live in. Organizations are empowered when intersectionality is centered. To get to this point with clients Dr. Vance creates strategies to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion across all genders, races, ethnicities, LGBTQIA+, disabilities, ages, religions, and other socio-political identities.